View Full Version : my cb750 build

05-10-2015, 10:19 AM
last year my uncle passed away of a heart attack leaving me his bike. my family all try to get me to sell it but i told them it was not leaving the family. he bought this 74 cb750 in 79 and started chopping. the picture is how i got it. there is some frame damage where the front highway peg weld broke free, my welder at work will be fixing that and the tank has rust in it. other than that i will be cutting off the highway peg mounts and adding forward controls, a sissy bar and rewiring it. I am trying to figure out the cable break on the rear and the sissy bar offset. i am also considering going to a fat bob gas tank and a all in one gauge to clean the handle bard off and am looking for some wheel barrow bars to keep my worn out shoulders comfortable.