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05-03-2015, 3:05 PM
Im nearing the end of my first project bike. Ive made my own wiring harness. (That took a lot of time to work out and to fix the kinks as i stumble upon them.) But im closer than ive ever been.
Alright. Started with stock 83 shadow 500.
Currently have it on short straight pipes, (end around the foot peg) and for tinkering reasons i have no air filters on top.
The bike will crank and idle perfectly, clutch has to be pulled to crank even in neutral, (thats how the wiring ended up) with clutch engaged itll scream to the high revs.
In gear or even,neutral without clutch engaged she wont pick up. I picked the ass end up and shifted into gear while i held clutch and tire did not spin so its not engaging enough to let it spin at least. My clutch cable,does have a lot,of tension on it, i had to make a makeshift cable holder down,on the casing since the other broke.
I have most of the tops of carbs taped off (bike does not rev so well with open tops).
Ive been,in,the carbs. I have two sets, each set had a 112 and 120 main jet, 112 being,in front. After some swapping,ive landed on running 112 for both main jets. This is where ive gotten the best response.
Any idea why when the clutch is released the bikes loses power, the key thing i think, is in neutral with no load, she still does not scream like she does in neutral with clutch pulled in. She barely picks up at all.

05-03-2015, 6:36 PM
Stupid me, i found it. Never grounded clutch switch, whoops