View Full Version : 82 honda nighthawk cb650sc

04-23-2015, 12:51 PM
So my girlfriend's sister gave me her 82 nighthawk. It has 3800km on it. Bone stock, it has this huge Vetter windjammer windshield thing on it looks like Fuckin Robocop or some shit. Hard saddlebags blah blah.

As soon as I got it I flushed the tank and cleaned the petcock and put in New gas, fresh plugs and fired it up, took it for a rip, not bad. I immediately tore off the saddle bags its framework and the luggage rack, then off came the Robocop windshield.

I'm just kinda on the fence between chopping it all up, or keeping it relatively stock so it can go back to factory. I want to get that gay airbox off there and go to pods or velocity stacks, and maybe change the pipes. What do you guys suggest?

Also it rides fine but I notice it kinda hesitates or loses a bit of power sometimes, I'll be doing 100kmh in 5th gear and want to accelerate a bit but I'm at wide open, so I'll bang down 2 gears and accelerate but I have to let off the throttle and get back on it to get it to accelerate, or it won't wind up, I wouldn't say it bogs down, but definitely hesitates to get up and go. Apparently their top speed is around 180 or so, which is a smidge over 100mph to you mericans. But I haven't been able to get her over 140. So maybe a tune up is in order. I'm new to bikes so any suggestions would help.

I will post some pics here Right away, I just have to use my gf's phone I can't upload with my shit-ernet out here in the sticks.

04-23-2015, 1:06 PM
You probably need to pull the carbs and clean, if you are going to go to single filters and a pipe that will be a good time because you will need to rejet too. As far as chopping or not that is a personal choice. If you want to ride save on gas etc leave stock if you want something original and not ride every day tinker on it and personalize it. I almost bought one in the early 90s but couldnt come up with the cash.