View Full Version : Xs650-eating batteries

04-20-2015, 4:46 PM
Here's the run down, I can't solve the issue no matter what I try

PMA --hughs stator
Mikes XS rotor
Hughs reg/rec

Running tail light and headlight only
Key switch only, no high beam/low beam
Wired correctly, timed correctly
I know this because it ran for a year up until this issue came up
The stator and reg/rec are new
As is the coil
What's happening is the bike is internally shorting batteries.
Causing the bike to quit running on one side basically
I've re-wired the entire bike as well
I'm at a loss
I can replace the battery and she'll run for a month or so now before eating up another battery

Has anyone else experienced this??

04-21-2015, 10:22 AM
Try testing for a parasitic draw on the battery if you haven't yet. Might be barely draining when the keys off , n taking a new battery a month to get low enough to make the electronic ignition start gettin weird. If ya don't already know how you take the negative lead off the batt n hook a cheap test light between the lead n the neg terminal on the battery, light will turn in when key is in on position that is normal but if it stays on when u turn it off you've got a parasitic draw on your battery. Also what's you charging voltage at with everything on and running at high and low rpm?

04-21-2015, 10:26 AM
One more thing you can do to kinda band aid the problem is at least run a Sparx or Lucas capacitor inline with your battery that way the bike will still start and run wether the battery's good or totally dead. A shop I worked at ran them on every PMA powered xs650 we put together. It's pretty simple n straightforward , mount the capacitor somewhere convenient and run one wire to ground and the other the positive battery terminal .