View Full Version : 1977 Cb750 front wheel problem

04-13-2015, 5:21 PM
What's up guys. Been a lurker for awhile and now I need the cults help. I just bought a cb750 hard tail chop from a "buddy". Well once I get home and get the bike out of the truck bed I noticed the front wheel wasn't centered. I sit on the bike and straighten the front end up and the fucking front wheel wobbles like crazy. Upon closer inspection it's either the wrong axle, fucked bearings, or both. The wheel is an aftermarket 21inch also. What's the best course of action for me? I'm pretty mechanically inclined if I have some direction.

04-13-2015, 6:58 PM
Missing a spacer?

04-14-2015, 3:11 AM
I say pull it apart and see what you've got. Once you find out exactly what your problem is, fixing it should be relatively simple. If you need a spacer or an axle doctored a bit, there's plenty of guys with lathes around here that would help you out if you just ask...

04-16-2015, 4:47 PM
Sounds like it's missing spacers or you don't have the correct bearings for the axle. I mean if someone just stuck it on there that sounds like the most likely culprit