View Full Version : '82 Zuki GS 650 GZ Ignition coils

05-12-2010, 7:49 AM
Long time lurker...first time poster. Got a question about ignition coils for my zuki chop. Got the bike in a trade deal with the shop I do some paint work at. It was all stock and in pretty bad shape. Whoever had owned this thing had actually used WOOD GLUE to hold the rubber intake boots together where they had dry rotted and split in two. That's just one example of the myriad of problems it had when I got ahold of it.

Since it's been in my possession, we've rebuilt it from the oil pan to the jug. New pistons, rings, gaskets, had the head trued at a machine shop, completely rebuilt all the carbs, etc etc. Baby sounds pretty sweet now, but I'm still having an issue with some sputtering/misfiring in the top end. At lower RPMs it's fine.

I'm looking to replace both my coil packs because I'm 99.999% sure that's where the problem is, but right now money is an issue. I've already got about $700 in this thing, and wasn't looking to really spend much more. Question is this:

Will the coil packs from anything else work? Or... is there a parts place online where I could get them on the cheap? I had heard from a guy the other day that he heard (here we go...he said that he said that he said that his uncle said that his mom knew this guy...lol) of some people using the coil packs off of a Chevy?? Is this possible?

05-12-2010, 9:19 AM
I couldn't resist...

Here's the bike's condition when I got it.


And here's that sexy wood glue I mentioned.