View Full Version : cb750 amen neck bearing help

03-25-2015, 7:28 PM
Trying to run a fury girder on a cb750 in an amen savior frame. The stem is 1 inch. I know someone has done it. From what I can tell with the stem it looks like I'll have to run ball bearings up top and sealed bearings on the bottom. Anyone that's done this have any tips on how to get this To work. Shit won't let me post pictures.

04-10-2016, 8:04 PM
Did you ever figure this out? I have a AMEN frame with a grider front end. The stem on the grider is 7/8 inch.

I was hoping to find a new set of tapered bearings to put in the neck. 68684

07-23-2016, 5:27 PM
There may be other ways of making a Harley 1 inch bearing fit in an AMEN frame. I have searched and read about every post on this topic. I called and spoke with Cycle X to see if they had any bearings or ideas to make this work and no luck. Maybe the frame I have has been modified and is different than others.
See the post above for the neck with the old ball bearing race. Before frame was powder coated.

This method is how I solved it for my bike. I have a 1970 AMEN 750cb with the 1/4 in ball bearings and a girder front end. I have a Voodoo Vintage Relic front end I am putting on this bike.
I had some help and we made a tool. It is a steel spacer that fits snug inside the stem of the bike. The center has a hole to fit a shaft where a cutting tool slides onto and is powered by a drill. See the photos.
I had to deepen and widen the top of the stem by close to 70 thousands each way. Once that was done the bearing race fit it with just a few taps and is nice a snug.
Maybe this will help someone else…or someone will chime in with an easier solution.