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03-25-2015, 2:39 PM
Just bought a 1982 cm450e bobber project.

I have now completed fixing everything but the lights and horn.
I think i know what the problem is. i just need some insight to fix it.

I am mechanically inclined. electronics is something i have always struggled with, but im smart enough that with a little help im sure i can finnish this bike.

So A little info about the electrical system.
The bike does not have a key.
It starts from a button
has a kilswitch on the handlebar.

the bike runs awesome so i think everything is hooked up right. i think i just need to install a key to Finnish the electrical.

The bike had no wires at all for the lights or horn. so i set to work wiring it up.

I have a SH532-12 rectifier 3 yellow. red(power),black(remote power), green(ground)
red wire currently just goes to the battery. but i think i need to wire it into the same system as the start button (soon to be replaced by a key)
Rear tailiight hooked up to power at black wire (rectifier) and switched for brake. the running light connects to the headlight lo at the headlight switch.

power for headlight and horn goes from the black wire from the rectifier

I can get the lights to work while the bike is running.. Horn i think is dead. 1 wire into horn powered. grounded the other connection. nothing happens.
but i want it to be able to work while the bike is off. guessing I may need to install a 3 position key. but I just struggle with electrical.
how do i wire it up ?
if you need more info i can provide anything
thanks for any help

03-25-2015, 3:14 PM
Click thru pages/ parts. It will show you how to wire each circuit.

Thank Black Jack a Legend from the UK for it. This is his site.


03-26-2015, 2:30 PM
That link was awesome. thank you very much.
Figured out where my issue was.
Considering I just kinda winged it. I got 90% of right. Just need to put a key on it. and wire that in. and im gonna be riding her.

03-28-2015, 2:01 PM
so ive got figured out what i need. i now have all the parts but i cant seem to find a good place to mount the key. i could imagine making a panel along the right side of the bike but thats a lot of work
where do other people mount their keys ?

03-28-2015, 2:35 PM
Where ever it fits. I'm guessing you don't have skills/experience/tools to fab up a metal bracket?

03-30-2015, 8:31 PM
More like no place to weld up what I want. I have plans but currently reside on the 3rd story of an apartment complex. Already got in trouble for running an extension to my welder below and welding the exhaust on my car lol. Long story short I'm not allowed to weld in the complex. So I'll wait til I'm outa here to fab my panels on.
Just want her running and finnished so I can have something to ride while I rebuild the suspension on my car.

03-30-2015, 8:32 PM
I ordered a $5 bracket off eBay. After two defective headlight switches from China.. I'm deciding which one to buy for the handlebar light switch/horn

05-30-2015, 12:10 PM
So. after a long time. halfway due to me spending my money on my jeep (just empty every pocket)
Heres the progress we have made.


and Mounted.

Checked all voltages.
all electronics working. and while bike runs battery does charge.
Onto the next.

So. heres what i know about the engine.
its brand new with papers. and everything inside looks awesome. don't know whether it was ever tuned.

Things i have not done.

Carb sync.
valve adjustment.

So. if i accelerate slowly. no issues.
Definitely not crazy power. (maybe loosing power) but not expecting much from a 450
if I give her any gas more than gentle. she sputters and almost stalls.

Mind you. i have no idea if the carbs are right.
They are spotlessly clean inside. i pulled the float bowls to check.

Ideas on where to start here.