View Full Version : Dragstar/v star 650 starts and immediatly dies.

03-23-2015, 12:24 AM
Bought a dragstar 650 for my girlfriend to get her license on and eventually chop. Bike is a '99 and had been sitting for a year when we bought it. When I try to start it with the choke on it takes a lot of turns before it fires up and when it does it starts with a vroom and immediately dies. This then happens over and over again until the battery is drained. I put a new battery in and filled up the tank with fresh gas.

My first thought since it hasn't been started for at least a year is to take apart the carbs and clean them out. Other than that I don't know. What do you guys think?

03-23-2015, 2:52 AM
any time you buy a bike that has been sitting for awhile its a good idea to take apart the carbs.

There is a chance the bike sat because of carb issues to start with.