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02-09-2015, 7:59 PM
Whats up guys, ive been on this site religously for more than a year. I have a 1983 honda shadow, little 500cc. I've had the bike for almost a year now, tore it down, gutted it and put it back togeather. Then decided to completely rebuild. Started truck driving so the bare frame has been hanging from my shop ceiling for 8 months now. But now that I'm off the road I got my eyes set on her again. I'm looking for some parts and maybe yall can help me locate them or have them lying around. I have a few gas tanks but not sold on their shape, so that. Ill need front and rear wheels, not happy with the stock wheel design, id like to find spoke wheels but not sure what bikes will crossover. and one of the biggest things is the diaghpragm in the carbs, i found them on the internet but im not ready to spend 90 dollars on a piece of rubber, id buy both carbs and rebuild them if the diagphragms are good. I plan on shaping my own handlebars and pipes. Got the frame cut down already and plan to just strut it for the time being. Everything i need can be found new and shiny but that takes the fun out of it. So if you want, send me reply with what ya got and what ya want for it. Im located in Mississippi.

02-09-2015, 11:39 PM
There are several online retailers selling parts for the 1983 vt500 Shadow. If you do a google search for "honda shadow 500" you'll find plenty.

As for the wheel swap, if no one here knows what spoke wheels might fit, perhaps someone at hondashadow.net will know. It's a forum dedicated specifically to Honda Shadows. I imagine people there would know a lot about where to find parts or what parts can be substituted.

Ebay would likely be your best bet for finding parts cheap.

Good luck.