View Full Version : Better late than never, my XS650 build

01-31-2015, 12:49 PM

should have done this as I was building but Oh well. just got this bike all tuned up and ripping around such a fun bike. this was my first build decided on the XS cause there is unlimited resources and parts are everywhere. you can follow my other builds on the instagram @slop_shop. any questions feel free to ask it was alot of fun and would love to help anyone else building xs!!!

started as a rat bike idea cause we all know those are cool, then I got a good deal on the frame so decided to do rusty chopper.,...... then just got really carried away and said screw it ima go all out.

79 xs 650 motor-forks-tripple trees- and rear drum
lowered -2 forks
voodoo vintage mk4 frame
hand turned riser bushings and wheel spacers
wargasser spool hub
23" front 19" rear
internal throttle
mtnbike seat spring
hughes hand built pma
pamco pete ignition
biltwell thinline seat
built the bars
paint by 3d customs (buddy that painted my motocross helmets-first time painting a bike)
dirt tires cause its mean as fuc% and drives like a jeep:clap for you:

01-31-2015, 12:52 PM