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01-15-2015, 9:24 AM
Morning/afternoon/evening guys, first off loving this forum been lurking for ages, some of the threads and builds tipped me over the edge to buy my first bike - no where near the power/scale madness of some of bikes on here mind you

As it stands, Yamaha TW200 1999, pretty stripped already, airbox mod, battery removed, Supetrapp exhaust, terrible terrible lighting but it runs like a dream and was just serviced..

I won mine on ebay for in my eyes a pretty cheap bid of 1300, only a few in the UK.. I had it delivered a couple of weeks ago and now its time to get building..

Currently hiding in my mates underground carpark (looking pretty trim next to my mates scrambler), dodging the London rain.. Had a big delivery of bits already for entire new lighting set up, new bars/grips, extended swingarm, seat, filter set, levers, mirrors, tank.. so been messing with it a bit already

They are pretty rare in London, and my mates with big bikes are already tempted to join the fold.. chuffed to bits

Here it is as i picked up.

55448 55449 55450

Its current habitat ( at least its dry) looking very small next to the triumph

55451 55452

01-15-2015, 9:27 AM
Delivery 1


Hello stretched swingarm/new(old)tank


Won the DTMX tank on ebay, so currently in the paint shop, there is an amazing sign writer in London who is going to go wild on the tank, thinking pearl white tank with graphics in a similar style to the helmet.

55455 55457

As it stands currently... Swing arm and wire tidy up is the plan for this weekend..


01-15-2015, 11:10 AM
Wow, I like this. It's certainly something different!