View Full Version : Could these forward controls work for a Vstar 650 classic

12-23-2014, 9:27 AM
I am not pretending I know how these work with the mounting plates etc. http://www.monstercraftsman.com/products/Universal-Forward-Controls-With-Mounting-Kit.html I don't want to buy actual forward controls for the vstar since they are insane expensive.
My actual plan was so far to cut off the food plates so I still have the actual mounting plate left, I wanted to either weld or bolt the passanger foot pegs on the plate.

Has anybody any idea however based on the attached picture if these could work?


12-23-2014, 1:57 PM
im really not sure why you would consider buying that kit.... everything there is pretty damn easy to get on your own. Not to mention you would need to make those fit anyway. If you look at the turbo cb 550 thread a few threads down from this you can see how he made his own forwards.

12-23-2014, 5:36 PM
Please don't buy those. Use this if you want forwards....

12-24-2014, 12:19 PM
Yes those will work, however you will need more than just that kit. You will have to extend the linkages because the stock ones will not work once you move the controls forward. There is a "kit" for that too if u want it, it’s just threaded rod and linknuts with tube to go over it. Like deathmetaldan said you can buy some DOM tubing and plate and make those pretty easy if you have the tools. If not that kit isn't too high priced. Using the plate to move the controls forward works if you like to stock controls I think there hideous so I would vote ditch them and use the above kit or make your own.