View Full Version : how to wire the ignition coil - xs 650. no spark

05-03-2010, 6:34 AM
hey everyone
so i have a billion diagrams and 2 manuals but still cant figure out why i am not getting spark.

heres what i have:
80 xs 650 with TCI,

- battery is new, has 12.6 volts, holds a charge
- new coil from mikes , tested ok at primary and secondary readings
- pick up coil wires tested fine - 740 and 720 and 1460
- replaced the transistor n the TCI with a new radio shack one

- i swear i read to connect the orange wire from the TCI to the POSITIVE side of the coil and run a wire from the negative side to a key switch? is this correct?

i tested the wire from the key switch to the NEG side and i AM getting power to the negative side. but how does the positive side get power -or does it even need it? This seems totally backwards to me! Shouldnt the positive side of the coil be getting the power?

if the TCI is bad i will get the pamco unit - just trying to troubleshoot before spending another 200.

thanks everyone
- jason