View Full Version : ( Chain Conversion Question ) 17" DYAN wheel on a Pre 72 Round Swingarm. HELP!!!

12-02-2014, 10:12 PM
Need your help before I dump some more money only to hit a road block at the end.

I am planning on Slapping on a set of 17" x 4.5 DYNA wheel (00-05 3/4 axle), on a shovelhead with round swing arm that takes a 3/4 axle with fabkevin adapter.

I was wondering if anyone out here knows what problems I will be running into, or if I should stop proceeding. I picked up a good wheel already for a good price and it is in the mail. The next step is a 150/70-17 tire.

Then comes the sprocket . I figured I could use a shovelhead sprocket since they have the same bolt pattern and play with the spacers until it all lines up. But I guess there is a special DYNA wheel this Chain conversion with the sprocket and what looks to be some sort of a spacer.
Do I really need that SPECIFIC conversion kit? I dont think I do.


I am not sure of why I cant just bolt on a shovelhead Rear Sprocket on to the wheel.

Hope someone knows enough about shovels and DYNAs to help me out.

This wheel

Will be replacing this wheel ( I hope)