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04-29-2010, 1:01 PM
Hey, I was out riding last weekend on my bobbed vlx with a group of other riders and the fellow that was behind me said that it "looked like" my rear wheel tilted to the left (chain side) when I would accelerate. I've not noticed any shimmying or anything while riding and my tire wear is normal, but of course my head started going over all the possible breaking points on a sixteen-year-old bike. I inspected the bike top to bottom when I got home. The wheel is straight in the swing arm, the chain and sprockets are all in good shape, no strange wear. The rear wheel has no side-to-side play. I'm pretty sure the bearings are good--that was my first concern. There is no vibration or shake in the bike at all (well, other than the motor revs), so I think the bearings are okay. It tracks really straight and, like I said, no strange tire wear. And to top it off, I'm not sure the ol' geezer behind me really knew what he was talking about. So, with that introduction, anyone know what would cause (or have even heard of) a motorcycle's rear wheel tilting to the left on acceleration?

04-29-2010, 2:47 PM
Nice looking bike, background is sweet too.

Phil Irving says that a swing arm should flex less than 1/4" at the top of the tire when a force of 250lbs is applied laterally (90 dgress to travel) at the contact patch.

Seems like your on the right track. I apply the force using come-along and a packing scale (like a big fish scale)

Could check eyesight and sobriety of the guy who was behind you. Get some one else to watch.

04-29-2010, 3:16 PM
Had someone on another forum recommend checking the swingarm bearings as well. I think I am going to have my wife drive behind and film me first just to see if there is really anything that needs fixin'.