View Full Version : 2nd Annual Pikes Peak Plunge Run

08-10-2014, 9:11 AM
Chopper Wayne of waynenterprises and it is time for our 2nd Annual Pikes Peak Plunge Run!

I host this event and a couple others over the Colorado riding season.
Check out my blog for more details
Choppershit.Blogspot.Com (http://choppershit.blogspot.com)

Choppers, partying, gambling, camping, and a little bit of cliff diving.
Come one come all!
We will be leaving Rudy's on Sept. 6th NO LATER THAN 10:30am
Sign up starts at 9:00am
Lots of miles and sites so we have to stay in one pack.
$20 PER BIKE pays for camping, Limited Edition Button/Shop Towel, Entry into the bike show, and gas for the gear/beer truck.
The run is BYOB, but we have a hook up with a local liquor store and you can pack your booze into the truck.
We're gonna have a pre-party at my place on Friday night and everyone is free to couch crash/camp/pass the fuck out here (plenty of garage and yard space).
message me here, email me on the blog, etc to make arraingments.
Choppershit.Blogspot.Com (http://choppershit.blogspot.com)