View Full Version : xs 650 clutch adjustment

04-21-2010, 2:08 PM
can anyone tell me if there is a trick or a method of making my clutch easier to pull? i can do it no problem, but after a few hours of riding my wrist gets stiff, but i am giving this bike to my girlfriend and i know she will need a clutch that pulls easy or she wont be riding long.

any help would be appreciated.


04-21-2010, 3:21 PM
Have you lubed the cable? are there any kinks in the cable? Are you using the stock springs?

If none of that helps, you could always go hydraulic


04-21-2010, 5:22 PM
Pull the actuating unit on the left side cover and clean/lube it really well. THEN go get yourself a 1 piece actuating rod, makes all the difference. You can even order the rod from MikesXS if I remember right, but I scavenged mine from an older engine if I remember right.

04-21-2010, 5:28 PM
thanks guys, much appreciated.