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07-16-2014, 1:39 AM
So I'm still kinda getting the hang of how trail works, but I haven't figured it all out. If I have 6'' over forks (stock forks with longer tubes) and then throw on some 10.5'' shocks in the rear, will the lower suspension in the back affect my trail to the point where it's dangerous? My rake is the standard 29.6 right now. Any input welcome, thanks!

07-16-2014, 1:27 PM
Longer forks will raise the front end increasing rake and trail. Lowering the rear end will do the same. This is not dangerous just makes the bike handle heavier in a turn. Trail gets dangerous when it is to short or when the trail is negative. U get negative trail when u put trees with to much rake

07-16-2014, 1:38 PM
Like he said. Too much trail is not "dangerous" just slower to maneuver at low speeds. The likely hood is that you're still probably under 35* of rake all things considered in relation to the ground, and anythign under that I wouldnt even hestitate to run. Its when you get north of 40 that you really start to notice. Even at that though, the only times it bothers me on my chop is under 15mph or so. Anything over that, its almoost easier to ride, it tends to track real straight.

07-17-2014, 8:53 AM
Right on, makes perfect sense. Thanks for the help guys.

07-17-2014, 2:46 PM
there are a ton of guys running over forks and a low rear end. looks like the bike is always doing a wheelie..... im sure they survive and you will too, but i think it looks lazy. like you were smart enough to bolt on cool parts but not smart enough to make them look proper. id keep the rear low like you want, and keep the long tubes if you like that look. rake the frame (or have a shop do it soon as u can) and get the trail numbers back to a safe range. it'll compliment the long tubes doing this as well.