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04-19-2010, 4:36 PM
so i had it running, took it all apart and lost my notes of course. i am try to rig up just the starting circuit for now. thing is my manual id fifferent from what i have on the bike. this is a kick only bike.

heres what i have:
- from pickup coil - wires. a black, a grey and a red (manula lists them in different colors wtf?). on the tci module i have 7 wires.

- i capped 1 b/w tracer off since it is for sidestand and not used,
- ran 1 orange wire to opositive of coil
- 1 red wire to key switch and intersected that with a wire from neg of coil (so coil gets power when i turn on key)
- 1 black wire to ground
- now i have 3 wires left: a white w/ red trace, a white w/ green tracer, and a white w/ black tracer. no idea what wires on the pickup coil these go to. not sure the order.
- battery has 12.6 volts, key switch works, coil is brand new from mikes.

can someone point me where i am wrong? can i test the tci unit or the pickup coil? thanks everyone

04-19-2010, 5:00 PM






i think all this is 80 and up models, no points,

04-20-2010, 4:27 AM
awesome thanks. i had most of those diagrams except the top one and thats what i need! i'll try again tonight - many thanks!

- jason