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07-06-2014, 7:43 PM
First off, let me say I live camping, and there is NOTHING better than camping when you're on your bike.

That said, I was presented an offer recently that I want your feedback on. There is a campground that is for sale near the GA/SC/NC borders. Over 74 acres, with facilities on site plus a baseball field and more.

What Id like feedback on is this: Is there a place for a motorcycle friendly (even geared toward bikes, if I can) campground offering an affordable place for travelers to toss out a bedroll/tent, wash their ass and sit around a campfire these days?

This would NOT be an RV park, but a simple place away from people with $60k houses on wheels. It would also be a place for events, such as chopper shows and music with the large field.

Also, and this is a BIG IF, you guys think its a good idea I have a gofundme thing so I can start the process, if you could help me bring this dream to you guys. If you build it, and all...


MODS, I know this isnt directly chopper related but it is for the bike community, and I NEVER ask for anything (ask Bill...). I dont spam and understand if this is better suited to the JP, after all I was one of the reasons the JP exists....haha

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There's room for more event venues and word (for good or ill) would travel fast if you engage rider groups, clubs, etc offering a place for runs.

I would suggest articulating a business plan and having multiple uses for the property, for example attracting 4WD folks. You'll need to keep the place packed every seasonable weekend to turn a profit.

People like rustic camping but they also like good drainage and campsites that don't turn into mud bogs. Find a nearby source for gravel/crushed asphalt (much better than gravel) or worst case use crusher run for traffic areas. The more "sites" you have to rent the more ya make. Grab a satellite view of the place and play with mapping it out for profitable layout.

People don't want to see other campers too closely and foliage barriers between camp spots make an area appear larger and more attractive.

An onsite store would be a moneymaker. A captive audience who travel light will spend money if you have what they want, and it keeps the drunks off the roads. Likewise a good food trailer could make bank during events and be stashed elsewhere when not. Unlike a store if the venture goes bust you can tow off the trailer and it need not be part of the campground business at all. You could have it under another entity but still profit personally then invest that profit as you like. Good small businesses are COMPARTMENTED. For example mobile assets are leased from another business so if things turn sour there isn't much to attach. Cover Your Ass.

ISO containers are plentiful in Charleston and cheaper if you haul them. Instant locking weatherproof storage and they aren't permanent structures though wiring and plumbing are easy. A railroad tie under each end is sufficient foundation.
If things don't work out, call a trucker with a Landoll and tote 'em away. (That also makes rearrangement easy.)

Fix sentence below so it looks professional, also, what does it "need" and why should an observer care about said need? Are there use restrictions?

The site is a place that needs to be presserved as for its outdoors heritage

Is there room for a shooting range and are there other ranges nearby? If no/weak competition that can be a money maker in future. I expect you are gonna have a Bobcat or similar to maintain the place and once you do it can be working at the cost of fuel and maintenance tweaking the facilities.

I ain't seeing a map on your page. LOCATION makes businesses. I Googled and got zilch.

If the owners don't mind you could owner-finance (they win large at no risk to themselves because they get the interest instead of a bank) and you could get functioning at a primitive level sooner. If you turn a decent buck you could refi later.
If the venture crumps, revert property to the owners to avoid formal foreclosure and do something else. Bonus is that doesn't need to appear on your credit record as it's a private transaction.

I'm near Sumter BTW.

07-08-2014, 4:45 PM
There's no location-based info for now until I get a hold sale contract. Don't need anyone scooping my deal lol.

This place is turnkey, ready to open aside from minor maintenance/signage. I've offered the location to biltwell once open, and will hopefully have ofv trails.

07-08-2014, 6:10 PM
Found the general area (I love the internet) but I'll keep silent.

Pleasant area, not too humid, easy ride from Columbia, should work.

Since you mentioned the baseball field, consider what local recurring events you might host.

08-03-2014, 9:40 PM
It's not a huge campground like you're talking about but there is a badass motorcycles-only campground in western NC called the Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground. Big fire pit, open tent camping, small cabins for rent, bathrooms, showers, etc