View Full Version : HELP. Near reno NV guys. Buddy broke down

06-20-2014, 6:33 PM
Hey This is a cry for help. I got buddys in wenamucha NV two hours south of reno.
On there way to the start for the stampede. richies 1200 evo sportster kit gave out in the back piston
MAnufacture defect we think. Does any one have 883 pistons and jugs to help a brother out they got cash.

06-21-2014, 6:13 AM
Bummer. You guys figure anything out yet?
I Know a shop that must have 20 sets in their junk pile.
Can look where I work too.
I'm in South West Florida, so shipping will suck…….

06-21-2014, 6:26 AM
thanks man we are figuring it out. figures that the only offer to help is from florida. ha no sounds like there gonna just bend over and ante up.
Shoemans in Reno hs another 1200 kit for 800 smackers. thanks to shoemans and to Trumpnut.com at Aces. youall were a big help. Thanks again.
SkY next time im rollin through florida I owe you a drink....

06-21-2014, 12:03 PM
Glad to hear it's getting sorted out.
I've got some Trumpnut bits on my '63 Bonnie, great stuff. And sounds like Shoemans is the way to go.
Sucks to spend that kind of money on the road. But at least it happened after he left home, otherwise he would have probably put off the trip.