View Full Version : im strugglin with my iron right now......

06-12-2014, 6:44 PM
so i got the bright idea to order new bars from zombie and remove all my handlebar switches ( well try at least )... and now im slowly getting frustrated and down. cause its not working light ive done before on other bikes.

so ive got the 2014 iron XL real nice...but im always never satisfied and im always ready to modify shit...so like ii said torn everything down mask all my wires nothing working. im scratchin my fucken dome here guys. i know and hope theres someone out there that will help a fellow 33er get his shit together and share some knowledge with me.

i wanna remove front brake, cap off the trip button, put the headlamp on a toogle, put the run/kill switch on a toogle ( but if i can tie it in with the key/ignition im good with that one less swiutch ) and wire up the " fire that shit up " button.

and thoughts, feed back. im all ears and am dying to learn since the age of efi and circut boards are damping my life right now.


06-12-2014, 10:41 PM
We'll figure it something out man. Somewhere there's got to be something. Just need to study the wiring diagram like a book.

06-17-2014, 4:14 PM
i'd like to know how this works out. i'd like to end up doing something very similar on my nightster.

06-18-2014, 8:16 AM

holy shit, remind me to NEVER buy a sportster past 2004! I did find a 2008 model, it SHOULD be fairly close to 2014 models?

and here is the remainder of the wiring diagram. It'd be best to print this up BIG, big enough that it doesn't get all foggy and get out some different colored high lighters to figure it out. here's the remainder of the wiring diagram:


I wish I could help you more but I could spend hours here at work trying to figure it all out. My best advice would be to

1: write down the systems you want to keep
2: highlight each system path by color
3: loop all other systems so they don't cause shorts
4. figure out what TYPE switch you'll need (normally open, normally closed)

If all that fails, check XLforum, it's likely someone else has done it there--I definitely wouldn't look here for that kind of tech, CC just isn't that forum.

06-18-2014, 8:10 PM
thanks for ur responds guys but i had to turn around and go back to stock. one. cause i didnt want to fuck up the extreme headache harley did with the 14 and the circuit boards in the switch housings. like i said im a basic wiring kinda dude. i asked harley and the dont even make a wiring schematic on paper its only for techs for harley only. bacuse they dont want u modifing shit they only want u to use harley product. second. its my only bike right now and ive always go the itch to ride so i didnt want to go any further....so all in all i did get a new set of ZOMBIE PERFORMANCE "squid" bars the fucken rock Steffan got em done and sent to me in 3 days. mounted them today much narrower which is what i like and the stance plus the stock shit still looks good how its set up. ill wait for the next project to do the custom switches anf shit...this will be my one and ONLY efi bike that i purchase. im stickin to carb..... thanks again dudes for ur help and input...see u on the road