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06-10-2014, 8:04 AM
i need a place to park my ass.

Well, I'm fairly handy around the house, I'm in the midst of building my first bike & don't have a ton of cash. Did this for just over $100

After a little research I'm going to go with a decent leather as it's only like $25 for a hunk of tooling leather.

First up, Call Kevin Baas & have him fire up a seat pan. I always try to buy locally if at all possible & I am very luck to have some killer craftsman in my neck of the woods. Just get a good thick one or make one if you got the ability.


Find some foam & leather. I went to Tandy leather & picked up a chunk of tooling leather. I go some foam from the guy that makes my prosthetic legs. I layered it with a 3/4" closed firm piece as a base & softer 1/4" piece.


Trace out a pattern for your cut. Be generous as the top will need to stretch over a chunk of foam and the whole thing will need to be stitched together so leave some room on the edges. Cut/ drill/ punch some holes for the mounting studs


Make a pattern on your foam too. get some 3M Super 77 spray glue. Spray the seat top & foam and go grab a fresh beer



You want them to get a tad tacky (5 minutes or so) before sticking them together. The curve on my seat pan and the thick foam wanted the center not to stick so I put a propane tank on it's side in the seat overnight to set up nice.


Shape the thing. I used a razor blade to rough it then a sander to make my shape that i wanted


Let's shape the thing. get a bucket of fresh water. I dunked the to piece in the water for 10 seconds or so & it becomes fairly pliable. Start forming it over your seat pan/ foam. I used binder clips to hold things in place overnight. I didn't shape the bottom piece as it really doesn't need a form


It will be nice & stiff the next day.

Time to dye. Can leave it raw or pick up some leather dye. I just too the stores advice on which i should use. i practice on a scrap & tried adding more after the first dried to see if I liked it


Glue everything together. I strongly suggest covering the studs with tape before spraying glue or the threads will be all full of goo.


Get things sewn together
Your local cobbler is a great guy to know. Only cost $20


get things trimmed down. I'm not sure if i'm going to dye the edge or not. I kind of like the contrast. Time will tell

There are things that I don't like about it but i'm going to run her for now