View Full Version : Cleaning Engine, Getting rid Of Oxidization

06-02-2014, 12:30 PM
What have you found works best?

Sealing with the salt air leaves that nasty white residue on everything raw aluminum, I want to clean it out for a coat of paint.
I've got a buddy that does blasting, he doesnt want to use sand, and hes worried that the soda wont do enough, and suggested acid, hes willing to, but it might be throwing money away.

I'd never considered an acid before though, so is it a valid option?

Maybe some kind of spray on cleaner and a good pressure washing?

06-02-2014, 2:36 PM
Acid promotes corrosion. Do you really want it in nooks and crannies on an installed engine?

Aluminum is not a new mystery material.

A blaster with enough pressure and volume will do the job. Since you can inspect visually to ensure the surface is properly blasted, there is no downside to soda blasting.
Keep blasting until the oxide is removed, or if the thing is fucking hideous you can use different media which are more aggressive.

Random internet soda blast example on some high-dollah rims:


Media comparo:


After seeing what a serious soda blaster will do where I worked, I'd love to be able to justify buying one and the compressor to feed it.