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05-23-2014, 9:04 PM
baffled here guys and need some help > I have an 83 shovel>lowrider and the Harley ignition took a dump so I changed it to a Daytona twn tech ignition. my problem is I cut out all the old Harley ignition wires and the module and ran the new ignition and it works great > my problem is now I lost the run stop function at the bars and have to shut it off with the key . I looked inside the controls and there are 3 wires to it a white and a grey and a black . can anyone help me hook it back up so I can use the switch at the controls to shut her down > I spend over 5 hrs today trying to figure it out with no success
and and all help is definatley appreciated

05-24-2014, 1:04 PM
I believe the
grey is switched power into the kill switch from the key
white is power out to ignition and coils
And black is the signal out to the starter solenoid, maybe
Use your multi meter to be sure, checking continuity at each setting before wiring it up