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05-20-2014, 12:36 PM
My tank will hopefully arrive soon and i've got some design ideas that I want to paint on it. I've already picked up some spraymax 2k for the clear coat. But in terms of the primer and other colors, what is a good brand that you recommend? I only need white, black, and candy red (or something like it). Paint brand would obviously have to be compatible with the spray max... I was thinking maybe duplicolor "Perfect match" spray?

05-21-2014, 8:40 PM
Duplicolor will work with the Spraymax. You do know you can get Spraymax 2K in colors also right? The 2K clear will stand up to fuel spills, but you will still have soft, uncured, paint underneath.


05-22-2014, 1:31 AM
Roth and House of Kolor both make rattlecans of their shit.


I'm sure others make them as well. I'm gonna go pick up a few different cans and see how it goes this weekend. Love that this place is in driving distance for me :)

05-22-2014, 9:17 PM
I am partial to Krylon and like their new nozzles that you can adjust for spray orientation. Many brands now offer that too.
I like to let my cans gain pressure by dipping them into a sink of warm water for a while. It makes the job easier. Need I mention not to draw the water too hot? Did it once and got away with the can popping and bottom of it reversing its concave to a convex shape. No explosion, but close.

Anyway, have fun and be creative!

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05-22-2014, 9:44 PM
I painted mine with krylon fusion 3 years ago. my bike has three different types of surfaces. the tank is steel, the side covers are abs, and the front fender is like dirtbike plastic which nothing ever sticks to. it still looks good. even INSIDE the tank where the over spray got in there on the tank liner is still there like the day i painted it. look no further. Krylon Fusion