View Full Version : Newbie with a 57 Panhead frame needs help!

05-19-2014, 5:36 AM
Sorry if this is not the correct way of doing this. Just saw some great springers for sale on here and need some of the wealth of knowledge from the members on here to work it out!

I want to buy an oe springer to run on my 57 frame. I have seen a few nice ones for sale on here but can't work out the correct size I need. I tried those online conversions but my trail is longer than I want between 2-4.If you know what year forks would work best that would help as well. I have a 35 degree rake on it already and want to run same size 16 or 18 tyres. I don't want it much longer than stock maybe up to + 4 depending on what's available when I work this out!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.