View Full Version : Thank you Licks Cycles

05-16-2014, 9:56 AM
I know there has been reviews about them before but this is my first.
So I ordered a set of 10" z-bars from them on friday may 9th, placed it online and opted for express shipping as I needed them installed by today. I didnt get a tracking number and site said still processing on tuesday. So i decided to call and check status. No answer, so I email instead. Within 10 minutes AJ emails me back, theyre at the powder coater and itll be a few days before he knows for sure. Email back on Friday for updated status. Crap! :(
I panick a bit as I NEED these bars by friday so I can go on an out of town ride, so emailed in to cancel the order, apologize and try someone else. It was my mistake for not checking proper stock status. AJ emails me back again within 10 minutes, "I have some non dimpled bars available instead right, can you use those?......Absolutely! Just gotta shave the nipples off my controls (honda shadow) but i was gonna do that anyway later. So he Promises to send them out right away & within 5 min I get a UPS tracking # and they arrived 2 days later. Installed them lastnight and they look AWESOME! They took care of me and MY mistake & communicated quickly and professionally. So far I have not issues with Licks Cycles and give them a thumbs up on their customer service. :clap for you: