View Full Version : Looking for a hand in Milwaukee WI

05-14-2014, 10:49 PM
Hey Guys, I have an 83 XS 650 and am looking to make it street safe...I need to make it able to stop but i have very limited tools and experience. I am hoping to find someone who knows how to get my front brake working as well as just make her run like a top. Brakes are all i need to get to work right now. I was thinking of taking a small engine repair course to learn...but if your garage is willing to teach i can pay tuition in beer and clever conversation. I hope you can help i really want to get on the road again. Thanks in advance

05-14-2014, 11:05 PM
If you don't find a garage, youtube and forums are your friend. Changing pads/rotors and bleeding brakes is something you can do with barely any tools. If you can read and play with legos, you can probably do it yourself.