View Full Version : 70' sporty timing issue

05-04-2014, 8:50 PM
Hi fellow sporty lovers, I have a problem. Mostly my own but I'm hoping one of you can help me with it. So my distributor was removed, not by me by a friend, and he neglected to make any marks as to where it was when I re did my top end. So anyway, trying to figure out what to do to get it back in properly. Can someone tell me where to start? Do I line up the line on the crank, top dead center and the small lobe on the dizzy cam needs to be where as far as the points contact? I've got an auto advance on it as well, And I know that changes some things a bit. Could maybe someone either tell me the proper procedure or get the crank TDC line centered in the viewing hole and then take a good picture of where their cam and contact point location to everything? At least as a starting point. I have a kick only so I'm stabbing in the dark if it's right or not. I could kick it 20 times but it didn't start that great sometimes before I tore it all down so I don't wanna waste time kicking it and potentially just dumping more and more fuel in the motor. Really could use some help, I'm very green to the mechanical side of bikes, mostly a welder. I'll even paypal a six packs worth of cash to the guy that can get me the best a working information:cool: thanks guys for reading and hopefully I'll see ya on the road soon!