View Full Version : 93 Sportster 1200 questions

04-11-2014, 3:27 PM
Hey guys, I have a 93 1200 sportster with straight pipes. They have baffles in them- it runs perfect with the stock air filter. I got a mooneyes air filter and am running the breather bolts. It idles good and runs good but when you get on it and the rpms are high it's losing power. I'm running a 175 main jet currently. Do I need a bigger jet or do I need to put washers on the needle? If so what washer do I use? How are you guys running yours? I know- prob some rookie questions but some help would be appreciated, thanks fellas!

04-12-2014, 7:22 AM
if your getting more air into it you gotta get more gas now too, id go up 2 sizes in your jet and see how it runs