View Full Version : Arizona to Born Free

04-05-2014, 10:10 PM
Anybody from Arizona riding out to Born Free this year? Might 3 or 4 and a chase truck going from Lake Havasu..

04-06-2014, 8:02 PM
I'm from Lake Havasu, unfortunately I think I'll be in Texas during Born Free.

04-06-2014, 11:27 PM
You still in Havasu or you in Texas? We should ride one of these days man''

04-10-2014, 6:41 PM
Texas right now, I bounce around a lot due to work.

There's quite a few people from havasu on here, surprised they haven't posted in here yet.

04-13-2014, 4:22 PM
Im in bullhead. Put me down for a hard maybe. Not 100% sure if I'm going there this year. Heads up too, kingman s&s/baker Harley dude on airport rd is having a swap meet the 26th

04-17-2014, 12:51 AM
When are yall leaving? Couple of us from texas are riding through there

04-20-2014, 12:50 PM
Thank Jermicon was going to head over to the Arizona swap meet on the 27th. might have to check that one out too. Boo not sure if were leaving friday or Saturday yet.