View Full Version : folding a pinch weld??

04-08-2010, 2:05 PM
well in short the tank on my nighthawk has one ugly hang down pinch weld has any one ever folded one up towards the bottom of the tank??

04-08-2010, 5:57 PM
Never tried it on a tank, but hammering is the preferred method for dealing with them in tacoma wheel wells.

04-08-2010, 6:00 PM
yes people have, and it looks a ton better. just go soft and easy and beat it a little at a time. there is no rush. its a lot like masterbateing, unless your in a public area then you wanna get it over as fast as possible so you can run away....

04-08-2010, 7:11 PM
Go to harbor freight and get a rounded body anvil. Use it along with a dead blow hammer. Start at one end and just tap it till it starts to bend. Slowly work your way up and down the pinch till it is all flat. Do not bend one area flat and then move to the next. Work it evenly to avoid ripples in the smooth part of the tank. Around a curve you may have to stress relieve the pinch by putting small cuts into it. If it is a sharp curve you may have to make little "pie slice" shaped cuts to keep it from overlapping the other metal. This should help it be nice and smooth, without affecting the smooth part of the sheet metal. Did it all the time when I used to build lowriders and mini trucks. Good luck!

04-09-2010, 7:47 AM
hopefully it doesnt break the weld and i have to get it fixed is what im worried about

04-09-2010, 11:40 AM
here's a quick guide I did on another forum:

04-09-2010, 11:45 AM
well thanks for that makes me feel a bit better altho my tank has a way larger lip then that ill take pics and show ya what i mean later