View Full Version : deeper well for honda vlx 600 fuel tank?

03-13-2014, 10:56 PM
has anybody chopped up the inside of their honda shadow vlx 600 fuel tank so the tank can be parallel with the ground? ive been looking all over the internet for this to no avail. custom tanks are nearly impossible to find for the vlx due to its two tube backbone... and the custom tanks that are out there are these peanut or sportster style tanks that sit on top of the frame. any thoughts? i realize that to get the desired effect the tank will hit the carb, but i could always cut a piece of the tank or hammer that bitch out to make it fit. i am curious to see if anyone has tried something similar. i've already considered chopping the frame and welding one single tube, but i reckon chopping up the tank will be less of a pain, and less dangerous (i dont know any welders i could trust).

03-16-2014, 9:55 PM
If you don't weld or get fabulous, then perhaps someone in the chop market would make you one/modify yours, or look for a tank you'd like to see on it... and check for clearance sizes for that back bone business... in the How to section, MotoLou does a nice little tut on brazing a tank.