View Full Version : 1993 sportster primary question

02-15-2014, 9:40 PM
Hey Guys,
I have a 93 sporty with the sold one piece primary cover. Bitch to replace the clutch cable. Will the newer ones with the removable derby cover fit my model?

Thanks MRB

02-15-2014, 9:45 PM
Good question! I was wondering this about my 92 the other day.

02-15-2014, 9:52 PM
Hey we seem to be running in the same direction and have the same issuses. I'm still working on my rear caliper mounting on a LedSled. After grinding and trying everything I'm ready to ditch the stock and call Fab Kevin.

MRB aka Mike

02-16-2014, 10:26 AM
Yes .... They are a Plug & Play bolt-on deal....

Does make cable replacement easy... But how often will it need to be replace to warrant the needed up-grade primary cover and parts...??

I have a 92 with over 50,000 miles on the clock....
Only once was the cable replaced... And that was for going from the OEM cable to a Barnett Stainless with Clear Coat...Keeping it lubed helps on getting long life..

Do use the cable lube tool and PJ1 cable lube.