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02-10-2014, 10:43 AM
First time attempting to build a bike. Was wondering what banjo brake switch you guys use? Also wondering if anyone knows the threads? Seeing its an 86 1100 and all I can find are 87 and up 1200's I don't have part near me for the next few days, and really want to order it thanks all!!

02-10-2014, 11:47 AM
According to goodridge:

Up to 2004 Single front disc Harleys always use a 3/8 x 24 bolts for the caliper
and a 7/16 x 24 for the Master Cylinder. All Harleys with a dual disc front use
3/8 x 24 throughout the bike. From 2004 Harley use a combination of 10 x 1mm
and 12 x 1.5mm

I use goodridge brake parts unless I have to buy a metric switch. Then I just buy whatever is on ebay.

02-10-2014, 12:19 PM
Where did you find it? I'm looking for the rear. Thanks for you help man!

02-10-2014, 1:44 PM
Also found this for ya from goodridge.


Rears are 3/8-24

Prior to 2004, there were only two thread pitches for EVO / TC88 models. They were 3/8-24, commonly known as 10mm, and 7/16-24, commonly known as 12mm. (12mm is symbolic only, actual bore size is 11.2mm) All single line front models used a 7/16-24 thread on the master cylinder. 3/8-24 thread bolts are used everywhere else on all models through 2003.

With the introduction of the 2004 XLH (Sportster) models things have now changed. XL883, XL883C, and XL1200C models use 10mm x 1.25thread on both the front and rear master cylinders and calipers. The XL1200R uses a 12mm x 1.5 thread on the front master cylinder and 10mm x 1.25 on the rear master cylinder, and front and rear calipers. Only 2004-2006 models use true metric bolts. All other models have not changed, see paragraph 1.

To eliminate confusion when assisting a customer make sure what model he needs bolts for. Use paragraph 1 for all EVO / TC88 models except the 2004-2006 XLH models. Use paragraph 2 for all 2004-2006 XLH models. If it is for a custom bike 3/8-24 will usually be the correct choice.