View Full Version : 83 sporty rat build

01-21-2014, 9:33 PM
hey! i been gone for awhile. moved, no internet all the good excuses. but i have a garage now so i am dead set on building my sporty! i cant find anything to make me want an evo to build into a hardtail so maby i will get a street glide but for now this is my only bike! my direction is hard tail, mild engine performance build, some look good stuff, possibly hack the trans off and throw a 5 speed on but not till stage 2 or so. i want it fun and reliable but dont mind maintenance! im an auto tech so i will always be working on it but dont want to be able to have fun with it! i have a lot of questions so please help!!

all the loose ends i need to take care of/research
ignition- ULTIMA
dual plug-?
split rockers?
2into1 exhaust?
pushrod adjusters- rounded, tight as could be
forward controls- homemade?
hand controls?
clutch, brake, throttle cables?
gas tank mounts- for 74 fxe
fuel filler neck?
oil filler neck- cut gas tank apart to include oil tank
dash/guages-tach, oil pres, speedo, clock?
breakers- to have fresh when rewire
wiring-a few colors
kickstand/mount- cut stock?
gears- better cruising but need around town power
chain- see length when hardtail is complete
battery-see size and location when hard tailed

i built some hardtail struts last fall to make sure i like riding a hard tail and love it so i ordered up david birds weld on kit which should be here soon. im short legged so she will be low! then last time i rode it it wasnt right so i am planning on doing an ignition and get an expert to tune the carb. like i said questions! i want to go with ultime ignition. on this old of a bike is their programable ignition53-660 worth it or just run their single fire 53-50? it is electric start so ease of starting isnt as bad but want it to run good lol.

this is her before the hard struts!