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01-21-2014, 1:30 PM
Hello, my names Rob from north England, been signed up here for a while now looking at other build threads so thought I would start my own. Bought my Harley back in september 2012 from a gent in Yorkshire, it was an eBay win and luckily ours was the first and only bid. its a 1990 883 and it came as a non runner as it was sat for about 12 years and the carb was well and truly glued up.

This is a pic from the sale advert


so got it cleaned up did some messing with various bits until I was happy with it, eventually got it running close to right but never quite perfect.

This is it around May last year

The intention from the start really was for me and my dad to do some sort of rebuild with it so around easter last year I bought a hardtail from a company called Fenland Choppers, who were having a bit of special on their "bobber" frames, and I got one the day i saw the ad. This is it freshly unwrapped


So after beginning it in Sept of last year this is how it was around late October, my dad was liking it alot and I was too, I just fancied something a little different to most other sportsters I'd seen around at shows and on the net.
After a lot of messing with mudguards, seats, tank position and sissy bar mock ups and a couple different handle bar sets and other bits I eventually settled on something I liked a lot more.


The sissy bar is 10mm thick stainless bar with the light, number plate mounts and mudgaurd mounts welded on, and the seat set came from a place in the states that my brother bought afew years ago. Not so sure it would support my girlfriend but she said she wont ride a rigid anyway, apparently it was bad enough when it was stock with a low profile seat :rolleyes: It has an old Mini SU Carb on it now too which came off an Ironhead so hopefully we can make that work and its a bit more interesting than stock. Wheels are the original hubs laced to new rims with stainless spokes and new tires, pipes are Paughco, bars are stainless uk made and the risers are 1 inch Yamaha. Very pleased up to now just got to work out some sort of electrics box and a battery tray, not too sure yet, then its strip down and build back up with paint, hopefully on the road for May/June :cheersmate:

Thanks for looking, comments questions and helpful criticism more than welcome

01-21-2014, 2:48 PM
looks good I dig that frame

01-21-2014, 4:50 PM
Mine's a 1990 also.

Where in north England are you? I've been to the UK a number of times; Harleys are not common.

Keep the pics coming as your project moves along.

01-22-2014, 11:38 AM
Really like the proportions of that frame. Not too long in back which is the worst part of a lot of sporty hard tail frames

01-22-2014, 2:44 PM
Dberman, I'm in bolton not too far from Manchester, the only Harley's I tend to see are newer ones floating about, only a handful of custom ones I've seen and only one older than an 80s evo, that was a flathead at a hot rod do, don't really do too many events, will be doing more this year

And shiftace I'm hoping it'll sit even better with some weight on the forks

01-22-2014, 2:51 PM
dont let the boners from top gear look at that ( well maybe the little fella)- its way too american so it must be junk

heck of a job - love the air cleaner cover and a set of fork boots might make it look lower up front

01-22-2014, 6:09 PM
According to them anything American can't turn corners anyway so il not get too bothered what they would think, I did consider fork boots but trying to keep it clean up front, we will see I can always add them later