View Full Version : Planning a road trip in the US

12-29-2013, 6:29 PM
Hey People of ChopCult!

My name is Josh, I'm 19 years old and from Berlin, Germany.
I want to do a roadtrip in the USA next year (at least 3 months, 6 months if i get the longer Visum) and looking for a place to start gathering parts for the Bike i want to build in the first weeks.

I would like to start in an area with alot of swapmeets, junkyards and stuff like that, but also looking for a Chop Shop where i can help out in exchange for helping me building the Bike. I dont care if its making Coffe or doing Bondo all day as long as i can build the Bike. No, i dont have a Greencard.
I'm working at a Harley Shop here in Berlin for the last few months so i know the basics but unfortunately cant weld at the moment, but would love to learn it.

I have around 1200-1500$ to build the Bike so it wont be a Harley. I thought about a XS650 or a CB750 as the engine and build as much as possible to save money. I dont want a chromosexual show winner, just a simple Chopper.
Yes, i will make a Build-Thread.
Another idea was to buy an old Van, but a Chopper would be alot more awesome since i wont be able to build what i want here in Germany because of the street laws.

I thought about starting in Texas, any other suggestions?

After finishing the Bike i want go to all the shows and Events like Born Free, the Hoodbush etc and just meet cool people.

So does anyone have some tips for me? Maybe some other Events i dont know about yet?
Or knows a Shop that would be open for such a thing? I'll email some shops that i found here on the board or over the internet that looked cool, but you guys propably know alot more or even own one.

So long, Josh