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11-22-2013, 7:58 AM
Ok guys, i am kind of green when it comes to motor work. But this winter i am looking to get some simple performace upgrades out of my evo sporty. Its a 1200 08 nightster.

Currently, i have a V and H exhaust, Arlen Ness Big Sucker, and a V and H fuel processor.

First off, i have a little compression issue in the rear cylinder i will need to look and, and my rocker box gaskets need replaced as i have a slight oil leak. So a full top end gasket kit is happening.

Also, i will be replacing my clutch plate set with either Barnett or Rivera Primo.

I had talked about ordering the 1250cc kit and doing that.

After talking to some much more knowledgable people than me, and doing some internet research i have decided i will put in a mild set of cams instead.

I researched some more and found that i think the Andrews N2 set seems like the route i want to go. It states that you need to install hydraulic lifters, which i am under the impression i have from the factory. I am told that they are "self adjusting" and not adjustable. Would i need to do anything with my lifters, pushrods, valves etc? And keep in mind i am not looking to dump a couple grand in the motor. I just think that for the money i will go with cams instead of the 1250 kit.

Another question that i have been reading up on. The EFI to carb mod. I am not truly understanding this. I have a 1980 IH that we put a CV carb on with S and S intake. You change the jets, you are good to go. I get the idea that you need to let the motor breathe. But If i have a fuel processor that can be mapped to the cams and mods, what is the benefit other than less hideous bs on the bike to go back to carb? It seems with EFI my throttle response is amazing.

Any help or input is appreciated. I have searched the forum and got some answers but not exactly what i am looking for.


11-22-2013, 8:50 AM
kinda sounds like you should keep it EFI...and no sense doing a 1250 kit seeing as it already is a 1200. if your gonna spend money like that check out NRHS Performance. they have great products and i think maybe he is a member on this forum? i think...


get some head work done...hotter cams...maybe check out the exlforum.net site because i feel this question of "can i get more horse power outta my nighty?" is hammered over there.

11-22-2013, 10:46 AM
If your not looking to dump a couple grand just stick with a mild cam and adjustable pushrods. Are you planning on doing the work yourself?

11-22-2013, 12:00 PM
Thanks for the help guys, had a dumb ass attack and shoulda looked xlforum instead of just the harley forum. I try not to ask shit that may have already been answered.

But yes i do plan to do this myself. As far as wrenching i can get it done. I am def leaning more towards cams, and im glad you mentioned that. I have been looking at adj pushrods as well. I just dont undersstand the ins and outs of the mechanics of certain parts of engines.

My main thought was stay EFI, and for maybe 400 or so do cams, gaskets, and as mentioned push rods versus 700 for the 1250 kit. And i just dont think 50cc would be a great gain. Obviously going from 883 to 1200 would be a dif story.

Thanks for the input!!

11-22-2013, 12:51 PM
NRHS Performance or Hammer Performance will get you lots of power. Probably cams, adjustable pushrods/collapsible covers, programmable ignition module, head work, better pistons, intake/breather/exhaust.

There is so much to spend money on that it's best to decide what your shooting for and put together a complete recipe of mods to attain it. These guys will gladly talk to you, see what you want, and advise based on your budget. They can lay it out in steps so all of them are forward instead of forward, and back to go further forward.

11-22-2013, 9:28 PM
My votes for Dan at hammer. I'd say a mild head port, descent cams, and ignition. It'll be around 10 and no need for adjustable rods if you go with some bolt in cams. Saves some coin and you should still see around 80hp.

11-24-2013, 11:26 AM
As mentioned, no need for adjustable pushrods since you are planning to remove the cylinder heads. Andrews N2 cams are bolt in, meaning all the stock valve train components will work and provide proper clearances. Since the heads are coming off, I would install a .010" thinner head gasket for a slight boost in compression. You will still have adequate valve to piston clearance. But not any more than that, as ethanol blend gas is not good enough for compression ratios higher than 9.5:1.
Now, you will need to add extra fuel. Since you have the V&H Fuelpak, you are all set. However, V&H does not advertise the fact that the unit is fully adjustable, you don't have to use the limited maps that they offer. IN fact, there is no map for what you are planning to do. Very few people know how to do this. I did this on a 2007 Softail back in the spring and got excellent feedback from the customer. Only down side was a drop in fuel economy.