View Full Version : Shared heated garage, in KOP outside Philly.

11-07-2013, 10:50 PM
Winter is almost here...

It's actually been really nice fall riding weather but I think it's about to get shut down pretty soon....
And of course that means winter build / project season.

I have a bitching spot in industrial King of Prussia, and a stones throw from the Bridgeport rib house, near the quarry and all that shit.

Overhead door. Heated. Shitter and shower (funky but it's there).

I'm willing to share the space for building, hanging out, drinking, gathering, etc.
I'd like to make the space a common gathering of tools, resources and like minded weirdos.

Been using the space for storing an old car and primarily shit for my construction biz...
Thing is I've never needed all the space. I reckon we could get at least 3-4 tables in there with space to move around, store other bikes and even move in some decent equipment if things get ambitious.

In the meantime it's just good shop space for fucking around, drinking beer, and git'n greasy.

Only been in town for about a year and not sure where is next but I know I'd like to put this space to good use over the winter and meet some other good 2 wheeler freaks.

If you have any interest or something to contribute lets hear it.
A case of beer is probably enough to get things started.

11-08-2013, 9:15 AM
Sounds like fun I'm about an hr away in Lancaster. I used have a lot off fun down that way hanging at the rib house I got to know Deitz ( the owner) and Kevin (plays in the rib house band) is a very good friend of mine. Lots of fuckin crazy people around there. I mean that in a good way. Maybe I'll show up sometime this winter with said case of beer !!!