View Full Version : Vancouver Island Bikes interested in Photo shoots

10-14-2013, 9:10 PM
Wasnt sure where else to put this.

Have a photographer thats trying to make his name locally. He eventually wants to do a good portion of his business shooting bikes, but for now is offering a couple free shoots to guys to build his portfolio and has models looking to do the same. Hes asked me to see If I know of anyone local, with unique bikes, that may be interested.

The primary request at the moment is a period ish old school bobber/cafe racer for a pinup girl type shoot oin the 22nd of October.. He doesnt want to go on the boards and put it out there like that, so I offered to see if anyone is interested. If you've got something, shoot me a message with a pic or two, and I can pass it along, I cant promise anything, but the word I got is that theres no money involved, but you'd get studio quality pictures in exchange for the use of your bike for the afternoon.

He wants to do a couple shoots this way, and get his name out there, I've seen his shots, and he knows his stuff, if you're interested, or know of someone local send the my way.

10-27-2013, 8:56 PM
I figured someone would be into this? He got models lined up and bikes that bailed. Noone out this way?