View Full Version : Kyle Score's KZ305 Build " Jibber Jabber" fool!

03-19-2010, 8:26 PM
Ok Got this little 305 from a friend to make something for my lady. So far Im having a fuckin blast with this thing. Specs say it churns out a whopping 30 hp! I was just jammin down the road at 55 mph in 3rd! shit is a blast to ride. Not sure where this thing is going yet but its gonna be fun

ok. Here it is the day I got her.


Pulled out my parts bin, found some tracker style bars, put them on upside down, look pretty good. But Im thinking I might get some Horny T bars from Front Street Cycles to put on her. Also pulled the sporty tank off of my ride and put it on to see how it looks. Picked up a king sporty that was way too big. Id like a wassell but this is ok.

Also, dropped the rear end with a set of honda nighthwak shocks I chopped the springs down on. I dunno if its safe but Ive ridden it around a lil and havent crashed yet. Had to re arrange some electrical stuff to get the tank to fit.


03-19-2010, 8:29 PM
another one of me putting the shocks on. Id realy like to hardtail this thing. Ive never done it before but I think I could do it