View Full Version : Good spots in the US for an aussie traveller

09-03-2013, 6:09 AM
Yo, first post in a while (may aswell be the first real post anyway). I'm an Aussie lookin' at headin' over to the glorious US of A next year, around May. Hittin' up Maryland Death Fest late May with a few mates. I've got some rough ideas of where else I'd like to head; LA, Seattle, definately wanna check out Mexico, might hit Chaos in Tejas fest in Austin, then finish up north to see a friend in Canada (fuck knows where, she's movin' there next year). ANYWAY, what kinda back-packin' wandering, aimless treckin' can you guys recommend? What's good to see, what's not worth wasting time on? Not much interested in the typical tourist spots, (though I'd love to hit Mulholland Drive with a nice super-sport (I know, I know, my R6 rules though, so shoot me!) And as much as I'd love to make this a ride trip, I don't own a Harley here, and hirin' one is expensive as all fuck.

So, I'm lookin' at 1 month, maybe more, then headin' over to London and do Europe again on the cheap. Gimme some pointers, where the fuck should I go!?

- Dave