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03-18-2010, 10:32 PM
Kinda inspiring to build a rusty fuckup bike.. Dunno, rad shit either way.

03-21-2010, 11:02 AM
Now that is a do it ALL yourself project! It'll be interesting to watch this build.

03-21-2010, 11:05 AM
XS650 frame? I'm loving that girder!

03-21-2010, 11:36 AM
Yeah, kinda a mystery frame. certainly set up for XS. Looks like the front motor mount was a custom one off deal that was lost along the way somewhere. The front half of the frame is original XS but the serial number is so early I have never seen anything like it.
The builder stamped "KENO" into the top tube and on the neck below the serial number. Doubt that it's the Keno I know of but would be curious about it.
Girder is the ducks guts.

Bah, I've never had a bike that was not a "do it all yourself" project :D

03-21-2010, 11:39 AM
Dig that girder man , gettin ready to start fabbin one up this week.

03-21-2010, 11:58 AM
nice! I saw one that appeared to be the same going on the JJ for $900 which seemed steep as fuck. Scored that one from a local pal for nothing. Love it to death.

03-22-2010, 5:13 AM
man that project definitely looks too arduous and not worth wasting time on. If I were you I'd send me that girder and that will ensure your life remains stress free.

On another note, what is the serial number, I looked at a really early XS, drum brake, no starter motor, and it had a really strange serial number, unlike any I've found on the web.

Apart from that, the frame definitely started life as an XS.

03-22-2010, 4:50 PM
it appears we have the same girders...only mine is missing the lower tree, lower pivot arms and stem. think you could take some pictures of just the that part of the fork and take some measurements for me?

had this sitting waiting to go in my 69' tr6r rigid frame but i may put it in the xs650 im building. i have a very similar 21" spool wheel as well

http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/9225/girder001.jpg (http://img689.imageshack.us/i/girder001.jpg/)
http://img693.imageshack.us/img693/8039/girder002.jpg (http://img693.imageshack.us/i/girder002.jpg/)
http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/8229/girder003.jpg (http://img684.imageshack.us/i/girder003.jpg/)

03-25-2010, 1:23 AM
For sure can man. This guys FS ad gives some specifics as well and I think it's the same girder also

"Wayne's Engineering Girder- 34" from axle to top tree, 24" to the bottom tree. Approx. 4-1/2" in between fork legs. Top mounting hole is 7/8" diameter and bottom hole is 1-1/4". 5/16" axle hole, Needs a pin, bearings & spacers"

03-25-2010, 9:52 AM
thanks man. the overall dimensions do look the same but ours are a little different. i noticed that the lower pivot arms have a shorter distance center to center than the uppers. i would need this dimension to make those as i was going to make them the same length as the uppers. that would have definitely thrown the original trail designed into the fork way off.

it looks like yours is a 1" stem all the way. i would need the stem length and the dimensions of the lower tree. it looks like the block is similar in dimension to the block portion of the upper tree but id need the overall length of the lower tree (end of tube portion to other end) since its longer. it also looks like the stem is centered in line with the lower tree mounting bolts?

i know im gonna need spacers to make it fit but i really didnt want to screw the trail up.

03-25-2010, 1:22 PM
Mine has been ham handed a little too... the neck comes down through the lower swing... then gets wacky. The stem is internally threaded so that you can put a cap bolt up into it from the bottom to hold it tight....so someone took the time to tap it but at the same time the outside of the stem was grided by hand to fit through the lower tree. I was thinking that maybe the stem was flipped upside down at some point... that huge bolt showing on the top tree should actually be at the bottom and the stem coming up through the neck with a cap nut on the top....

Just have not had time to play with it. Need to get that red/black bike farther along today and then I will get some pics/dims for you.

03-25-2010, 3:48 PM
yea no problem man. i noticed you went through some wiring troubles with the xs650 wiring diagrams. im not as far along with my xs but i will be going through the same process hopefully within the next few weeks.

yea i have no idea why mines missing just the bottom tree in the first place but i think if i get the stem in the right spot i can make the rest work. does the bottom bolt go all the way through the stem?

03-25-2010, 6:03 PM
Yeah dude, I can build a bike from the ground up but then basically cannot wire the damn thing.
I cannot see very many colors so I have to be super methotical about shit.. then ad to that bad reference material - fucked.