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08-21-2013, 1:03 PM
Just moved to Brooklyn from Saint Augustine, Florida. I'm working part-time building sets for photo shoots and events at a company called ReadySetInc. Jobs super fun, but when they said I'd be starting out part-time they really meant it. Therefore I am in search of work (preferably in the welding/ construction field). I graduated from Tulsa welding school, and couldn't find any work in Florida, so I don't have the "5 years of experience" every job seems to require. I can stick/MIG/TIG( carbon/stainless/aluminum) oxy and plasma cut. I have knowledge of all general hand and power tools, can read/ build from plans or blueprints. I also have a good general knowledge of woodworking, and am always trying to learn as much as I can. A majority of my actual work experience is however in cooking, which I am trying to escape from, but I am almost desperate enough to turn back to it. I have been hitting up Craigslist jobs like a madman this past week, and not having any luck so far. If anyone could help a brother out with a contact, a link, or some bitch work in the area I would totally appreciate it. I'm a fast learner and always work as hard as possible.

Josh Sasse

09-03-2013, 2:42 PM
Hey dude, I know a bar in the East Village that has a revolving door with bar backs. You might only get 1-3 nights a week(til 4am) put you'll probably make at least $100 a night. You have to put up with douchebags.

My friends wrench in Jersey City but one of the dudes comes from Bushwick. PM me if you still need info.