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02-09-2010, 1:47 AM
so, i kinda grew up around bikes... in a round about sort of way.

when i was younger, around, 85, my stepdad bought a 72 ironhead 1000cc sportster. it didnt run. he spent 3 years building that bike. it was laid out on our enclosed front porch for 3 solid years.

him and his buddies would get together on the weekends and built the rigid frame. the seat pan. put a springer on it. the works. every day he would take a part to work and machine a new part (he was a machinist by trade.) i remember every day he would come home and show me the new part he built, no matter how big or small. or a new part that he had cleaned, painted, etc...

three years watching him build that bike.

three years of sneaking out to the porch and staring at parts that i wasnt allowed to touch.

then finally the day came... the bike was together.. it was almost ready for its maiden voyage. by happenstance, or by plan, it fell on my baby sisters first birthday party.. everyone was there.. he was big in abate at the time, and was the chapter treasurer or sgt at arms, or something along those lines... the whole chapter was at the house, partying all day long, and finishing up the final touches on the bike.

until finally.... they started it...

i'll never forget that sound...

he took it around the block. everything worked fine.. they loaded up and away they went... 30 or more bikes, off into the sunset for its maiden voyage.

2 hours later we got the call... meet us at the hospital.

well, remember when i said they partied all day long while finishing the bike... naturally, that included BEER. lots and lots of it.

well, while out on thier ride, one of the guys in the group, hit a curb and mucked up his rim. so the bike got parked, and they were heading back to the house to get a truck to go back and pick up the bike.

so the now bikeless rider, decides that he doesnt want to sit and wait with his bike, so he hops on the back of the sporty behind my step dad. sitting on nuttin but fender, they head back. the now pasenger decides it would be cool to cover dads eyes with his hands and scream out, look ma, no eyes....

well, he also, inadvertantly pulled back on him, which caused the step dad to pull back on the throttle , and they and the bike came face first with the business end of a telephone pole. whole front end mutilated. buddy broke both hands, step dad lost 60% of one butt cheek. bad bad wreck.

the bike sat for a year, mutilated, in our shed. until he finally sold it for 200 bucks.

3 years of blood sweat and tears... for less than an hour joyride. i never even got to sit on the seat.

jump to the other side of the country. my dad, whom i didnt live with, was into honda goldwings. he had three. all the same, jsut different colors. he had a lot of money, (owned the first nude strip club in toledo) and liked to show it off. he would take me for rides on his bikes whenever i came to visit for the summers. but they did not interest me at all.

i mean really. i'm a young teen. my step dad has a bad ass ironhead he's building. all his buddies are bikers. they all have harley's, except for buck, who had a triumph, and sam who had an indian (never knew what those bikes really were till i got older) and then ,here's dad.. flashin his cash and stickin me in a seat, WITH ARM RESTS on the back of a goldwing. yo ucouldnt hear the motor, yo ucoudlnt hear the exhaust, damned thing was so quiet. what you could hear though... was the stupid radio... on a motorcycle!!! he used to get so mad at me because i had no interest in the goldwing. lol.

so anyway, as i got older, i always wanted a bike. of course, what i really wanted was a 70's ironhead. but, it just wasnt meant to be. one thing or another always took priority. i got involved with car audio, and then minitrucks, and then after a trip to the dominican republic, i dumped 4 grand on a scooter. but still, no bike.

so, this past summer, the planets aligned... and i got a bike.. a sweet deal.... except that it was a HONDA... nooooooo.

so quite... lol

well, it didnt take long to decide to chop it.. which is what i've been doing since september or october, whenever it was that i started... i'm still not done.. but expect to be done by riding season...

but, i secretly cheat on her.... and every night, i scour ebay and craiglist looking for...... an ironhead or a shovelhead :-)

of cours,e there are plenty to be found... but im looking for the right deal, the right price. something i jsut cant possibly pass up.

but lately, i find myself drifting to the darkside.... i find myself looking less and less for vtwins, and more and more looking for............ an xs650

i cant describe it.. but its like everytime i see a thread or pics of someones xs buidl, i like them more and more.

i'd still like to have an iron or a shovel... but keep getting drawn back to the xs.. not to mention im still not done building the honda.

is it wrong to want a harley but settle for a honda. is it wrong to eyeball yami's when the honda isn't looking.

if i come across a good deal on an xs, am i allowed to own that and the honda?

what if my childhood dreams finally come true and i someday come across a great deal on a shovel or iron..

is it permissible to own all three?

how do you determine which to ride when you go out for a ride?

to you play favorites? do you draw straws?

so much to think about....

well, thanks for reading.. you think about what advice you want to give me... i'm headed back over to ebay

02-09-2010, 2:25 AM
lost 60% of one butt cheek

ah hahahaha.

not laughing at the misfortune. my step dad used to always tell me to never do things "half-assed" and i can just think of all the smart ass shit i woulda been saying if it were my dad that it happened to!

id like to do up a 650, make it look like an old triumph. be kinda funky.

02-09-2010, 3:20 AM
funny. i actually remember my mom saying to my step dad, while still in the hospital... "i suppose now you're gonna do everythign half assed" !!!

they ended up fixin his ass with some skin grafts from his leg.

the buddy, broke both hands. i remember his casts were formed semicircular and his pinky was dipped in just a hair. they were formed so perfect, that he could drop a can of beer in the cast and it wouldnt slip out the bottom.

i remember him walking around the parties for months afterwards, double fisting beers and making jokes about it.

course he also sat me down one night, while they were having a club meet, and telling me "Jay, someday you'll grow up. and you'll meet a girl you like. and you'll marry her. and she'll turn out to be a nagging whiney bitch most of the time. and most days you'll hate that bitch. and yo uwill never truly realize just how much you love her, or just how important she is..... until you need her to wipe your ass three times a day!!!! "

02-09-2010, 6:26 AM
Great story, glad your dad turned out ok.

I'm not sure what it is. For some reason, most everyone I know who owns a bike, wants or HAS more than one!! I love them all for different reasons. I love my Ironhead that I've been fiddling with over the winter and can't wait to take her out on her maiden voyage. But I also love Cafe's, just something about a nice, clean Cafe. I too dig the looks of the XS, especially the builds I've seen here and hope to one day own one.

What I'm trying to say is, buy what you want, when you can!! Fuck it man, have a dozen bikes!! It'll be fun to ignore the squares when they ask why you need more than one.

02-09-2010, 12:30 PM
when i was younger, around, 85

GOOD LORD, you must be REALLY old if 85 was young!?!?

my brother is getting a chopped honda right now, and its awesome.

02-09-2010, 3:24 PM
Chopped Japs are way cooler than stock Harley's you can't afford to build....

that said, I want an Ironhead too :(

02-09-2010, 3:39 PM
Ha ha. I started the same way. Dad was a biker, so I grew up riding BMX and dirt bikes. Then got a car and did the whole car audio, ricer (pre-fast and furious, when you had to build shit for them), then on to mini-trucks, and now to where I am today. Started a XS project, realized it was too far gone to ride soon (still working on it, didn't give up), and came across a Ironhead on CL for a song. So this winter I have been tearing it down and making it mine. It doesn't matter, especially to people on THIS site, what you ride. As long as you put your soul into it, and have fun . Everyone has their preferences and opinions. But bottom line, have fun, enjoy the build, enjoy your friends, enjoy riding. I love my Ironhead, but I didn't do it from the ground up. I'm stoked to see what I can do with my XS starting from only a stock motor/frame. When I'm done with that, I figure it'll just about be time to redo the Ironhead from the ground up.

02-09-2010, 3:40 PM
Get them all but only build one at a time. xs's are still relatively cheap to find in basket or roller form. If i had a job I woulda bought this sweet 69 ironhead last summer, but stupid college took priority lol

02-09-2010, 6:52 PM
Excellent advice there!!! Dont ask me how I know

Get them all but only build one at a time.