View Full Version : What happened to Chandler Originals?

01-03-2013, 5:59 PM
Anyone know what happened to Lake Worth Florida based Chandler Originals? Adam Chandler built some great bikes and seemed like he was really ahead of the game in the chopper scene. I can't seem to find anything on the google and his website's gone (which had some cool photos).

01-04-2013, 1:41 AM
Rode the wave and bailed while the going was good.

01-04-2013, 7:14 PM
I don't know. They were ahead of the curve a bit too much. I was just wondering if Adam was still building or what.

11-26-2013, 11:16 PM
Cheated on his wife, stuck a needle in his arm. Stole cash from customers. End of story. Too bad, his rides were righteous.

11-27-2013, 10:33 AM
RapedApe... thanks for replying. Yeah... he opened my eyes to how cool home built bikes could be. Bummer... sad to hear it. It would've been better if he'd cashed out.