View Full Version : Help with alternate petcock

12-29-2012, 8:19 AM
I am in need of idea's of what I am able to use in place of a petcock, I am having to move my petcock from under the tank due to clearance from the top of the motor so I am plumbing it into the rear of the tank I went in search of a ball valve or gate valve to use thinking that would be pretty but when I seen the options the ball valve had a handle 3"-4" and turns right towards my leg and the gate valve was like 6"- 7" Tall any better choices Pics maybe to Help can't sleep with builders block,

12-29-2012, 8:41 AM
7" tall for a petcock? What? Weld a bung into your tank and use this.


12-29-2012, 9:19 AM
This is what I used. Cost me less than $10 including a short section of pipe to weld on the tank, the valve and a barb fitting. Works like a champ. Only reccomendation is to locktite the screw holding the lever on. And you could always make a different lever or repaint it so its not red. I dont mind it though, reminds me to turn off my gas. :D Forgot to add that I got it at lowes or home depot, both should have them. I think they are in the plumbing section with the natural gas/propane stuff. No leaks in about 8 months. I checked and the seals they use in them are impervious to fuel.